Another audience on their feet as Phoenix headlines the world's largest, and only 6 star cruise ships.

"Which cruise do I have to book to see your show again, it was INCREDIBLE!"




Phoenix has consulted on Blockbuster movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine.



2012 - Phoenix performs raising funds for the IAPF in aid of
the Black Rhino at Sydney's "Slide Lounge".

"Unbelievable performance last night, you are the TRUE Mentalist..
- Caleb Baron"







One of Australia's top corporate acts, period.

"I heard he was good, but that is ridiculous!"
- Steven Strait (10,000 BC movie)




100% Clean, 100% HILARIOUS


Latest from Mentalist Phoenix


-Hugh Jackman

“This guy is FREAKING AMAZING, you have to see this!”

-Taylor Kitsch (Battleship, John Carter, X-MEN Origins: Wolverine)

“I heard he was good, but that is ridiculous!”

-Steven Strait (10,000 BC movie)

“Flawless! Jesse, we need this guy in our shows!”

-Adam Pedretti, “Killing Heidi”

“You can’t have just done what you did..”

-Tom Williams “Getaway”

“Watched tonight’s show Phoenix Montgomery: FABULOUS!!!!
Very gentle, mind boggling mentalist, who connects all the dots and carefully threads his line throughout the show from highlight to higher light to highest light. It is also a rare gift to see a show man on the stage who is asking for audience participation without making them look like a fool so he looks better himself. A rare gem of a show! If you have a chance to see him, go watch the show!”

-Captain Arjen Van Der Loo (Captain of Holland Amerca Ship, MV Oosterdam)

Which cruise do I have to book to see your show again, it was INCREDIBLE!

-Ross Checkerly

Unbelievable!!! Incredible!! Amazing! I still feel like my head will explode…..HOW????? Fantastic show Phoenix!

-Natalie Darville

Absolutely amazing. What an incredible show. Phoenix blew us away. We came in sceptical and left fans.

-Paul De Gelder

You were amazing! We had a fantastic night, Thank you!!

-Amanda Ryan

So entertaining… mind blowing… incredible and funny too!!! Thanks so much for putting on a great show Phoenix!

-Katrina Spadone Garcia

Phoenix you Slid Our Minds last night…..ALOT.. Unbelievable performance you are the TRUE Mentalist..

-Caleb Baron

Best show ever!

-Pete Dyer

Thank you so much for your show on Friday night. The guys are raving about it here today!! I really appreciate your enthusiasm that you bring to your show!

-Alison Briffa, APB Modular

All I have to say is WOW!!!! What an amazing show. Phoenix is fantastic. I was soooooo impressed with his show, I’m still amazed at the things he was doing on the night.
He was definitely I the talk of the night and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for organising such an amazing show for me. He was insane! Definitely made my party a one to remember.

-Shavina Nisha, Sydney

I was lucky enough to meet Phoenix after one of his AMAZING shows on-board the Carnival Spirit. I was curious about hypnosis & the power of the mind & we spoke about a few issues I had growing up. Phoenix asked if I would allow him to hypnotize me which I gladly accepted. When he had finished, I felt light and no weight on my shoulders, since then I have placed myself into situations that I “normally” would not cope too well with, with no problems what so ever, this is simply the best I have felt in a long time.

Thank you Phoenix for sparing your time to allow me have a better life,
you are an amazing person.

-Brian Neville

Thank you so much for your effort and performance.  You were the subject of conversation all throughout the evening and the next day still had people baffled.  Thank you for that.

You were a pleasure to meet and we take this opportunity to congratulate you on a job well done and your future career and success!

-Sandra Farrow, Enterprise Data Corporation

Thanks again for your great performance last night.  Everyone loved it!

-Jo Wood, Pitcher Partners

Phoenix enthralled the guests at my birthday party. He mingled with the guests effortlessly looking very professional and all I could hear everyone saying all night was one word ‘amazing’!

What a fantastic entertainer – a birthday everyone will remember forever thanks to Phoenix!

-Haylee Clarke

THANK YOU so much for your performance Saturday night, it was a great night and everyone was in awe of what you did! I am hoping I can book you in October for my birthday! It really was fantastic, thank you!

-Tracey Shaw

Fantastic performance!!! A show everyone must see!! Truly mind blowing!!
Seeing this show has changed the way I see magic & mind arts! Thank you Phoenix! 🙂
Looking forward to the next show..

-Joan Commisso

Phoenix, your show was amazing! Thank you, I cant believe what you can do. It was fascinating! I was speechless! So great to meet you too. We looked at some of your stuff on you tube this morning. It’s so cool, love it! Everyone should check you out.

-Lisa Healy

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