Magic, Mind-Reading & Comedy Show

Phoenix receives another standing ovation for his cabaret stage shows


Mentalist Show – Magic, Mind-Reading & Comedy Show – “The Charlatan”

Forget the cheesy-smiling magicians performing all the same old tired tricks as each other & truly have your audiences laughing as they watch their colleagues interact in Phoenix’s brilliant, yet hilarious stage show “Psyche!”.Astounding another audience with mind blowing magic, mind reading & comedy

Advanced psychological entertainment meets hilarious audience participation in this master show piece by Australia’s leading Mentalist!

If your event has a particular theme, or slogan, be sure to mention it when enquiring about Phoenix’s shows as he may be able to integrate it into the show.

“This is the new age of stage entertainment, and Phoenix is a world-class pioneer.”

Show duration: 30 – 45 minutes


These cabaret stage shows are Phoenix’s most popular shows as they are cost effective, astounding, easy to set up & pack down, & although any good lighting will greatly benefit any show, this show can be performed with fairly basic lighting.
Speakers & a mixer are required for the above shows. Phoenix can bring his own microphone.
A projector & screen is recommended for this show.

If you have already seen this show, then ask about Phoenix’s second award winning Mentalist show “Psyche!“. This show is comprised of all new material, a different format, and an utterly brilliant twist at end of the show that nobody sees coming!

Phoenix also performs themed cabaret stage shows, such as his Casino themed shows