Rock the Brazos

Rob Thomas, Taylor Kitsch, and Phoenix – NYE, Texas – The Recap

What a Night it was… If you didn’t happen to read my previous article in the leadup to NYE 2017,  you can read the story right here: Taylor Kitsch, Rob Thomas, and Phoenix LIVE in … Continue reading

Rock the Brazos with Rob Thomas, Taylor Kitsch, and Phoenix

Taylor Kitsch, Rob Thomas, and Phoenix LIVE in Texas NYE 2017-2018

So a movie star, a rock star, and a mentalist walk into a bar… With an opening line like that, there can be no doubt that this event is going to be an evening of … Continue reading

Shane Warne and Lawrence Mooney take on the Human Lie Detector, Mentalist Phoenix On Air.

Phoenix vs Shane Warne on Channel Seven’s “Behave Yourself”

I’m often contacted by television and radio shows to either consult on an episode, train cast members, or perform a guest spot, but in the case of Channel Seven’s behave yourself, I was fortunate enough … Continue reading

SnackableTV Interview with Sydney Mentalist and Hypnotist Phoenix

Interview with Mentalist Phoenix on SnackableTV

In the media surrounding his Sydney Fringe Festival shows, Phoenix dropped by the office of SnackableTV this week and answered a few questions about what it’s like having the somewhat unique and rather particular skill set required … Continue reading

Sydney Mentalist and Mind reader on Studio 10

Studio 10 Revisit, Audience mind reading – Challenge Accepted!

After a successful first visit to Studio 10, of which Phoenix performed a stunt that involved calling a random person from the phone book and influencing their decisions while reading their minds, Mentalist and Mind … Continue reading

Blindfolded Motorcycle Ride and Drive

Drive and a Motorcycle ride.. Blindfolded?!?!

Such a nice day for a blindfolded drive and motorcycle ride – Around people. It was a nice, sunny Winters day. The kind of day where it’s just good to be outside. Sounds relaxing right? … Continue reading


Let’s play Mind Games!

A few gems from Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show, “Mind Games”. Here are a couple of little snippets from a recent performance on board one of the world’s largest cruise ships. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Phoenix hypnotizes … Continue reading

Stiched up! Phoenix, Fitzy and Wippa

Fitzy Stitches up Wippa with the help of Phoenix on Nova 96.9 FM

Fitzy and Wippa STITCHED UP by Sydney Mind Magician and Mentalist, Phoenix Fitzy and Wippa are known for their infamous “stitch-ups”, and Fitzy got Wippa a beauty when he brought in Phoenix to perform some … Continue reading

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