Mind Magician, Sydney based, but available also in Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast & beyond

Mind Magician, Sydney based, but available also in Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast & beyond

“Do you only perform in Sydney, or do you also perform in Melbourne, Perth & the Gold Coast too?”

A common question for Mentalist & Magician, Sydney based entertainer Phoenix, is “can you perform in Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Perth/Gold Coast or further?”

The answer is yes, but depending upon which show you are after.

For example, the following shows are often flown interstate:

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show “Mind games”
Mentalist Show “Psyche!”
Mind magician & comedy show “Mind, Magic & Comedy”
Casino themed show “BANNED!”
Mentalist & Illusion version of “Psyche!” with full water tank escape

Some of these shows, such as the Stage Hypnotist show or Mentalist shows pack down very easily into one suitcase, however larger shows such as the illusion & escape show require freight.

The Roving Magician & Mind Reading show can, and is sometimes flown interstate also, and requires no freight.

The wedding entertainment shows however, are limited to Sydney and the Central Coast generally. It can be flown interstate, but this does raise the price substantially, and part of the variation on this show was to keep costs down for newly-weds.

The mentalist shows, comedy stage hypnosis shows, and illusion shows are often flown to destinations such as the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and even overseas to Europe, PNG, Singapore, New Zealand & the USA for larger shows

Don’t hesitate to enquire about events in all major cities & overseas, we can work with you to offer the best & most suitable solution for your event.


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